1. Prepare Your Materials for dispatch

As a concierge service, all you have to do to start the onboarding process is prepare your materials for shipment clearly labeled and with a clear packing list. As we manage the photography of all materials, we use your one-meter cut to take high resolution photography, and we then cut your material into 6”x6” swatches. 

Please make sure that all materials are clearly labeled and correspond with the article numbers you list on your Le Souk packing list, which you can download here. 



2. Send materials to Le Souk

Suppliers are responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to Le Souk headquarters. Please send your tracking number to your account manager so we can manage your shipment and make sure it arrives without any problem. 



3. Be available to answer any questions

We will definitely have questions on your packing list. Sometimes this is related to certifications or how you would like your materials to be named. In order to upload your materials within 10 business days, please be available by phone or email to answer any questions we have on your packing list. 



4. Complete supplier questionnaire

As our onboarding team is launching your showroom, our marketing team begins working on your company story. In order to craft a compelling story that best communicates your unique positioning in the market, we ask that you complete this simple questionnaire.



5. Schedule training with your account manager

After we onboard your materials and write your story (10 business days from the receipt of materials), we will schedule a full training call which will take around 45 minutes of your time. On this training call, we will walk you through your collections, share how to connect with buyers, and how to review our range of analytics. 



6.  Launch showroom 

Upon your approval, we will launch your showroom on the platform and schedule the email and social media announcement. 



7. Market Your Showroom

There are then very specific steps we take to market your showroom. We also provide you with a marketing checklist as well, which you can view here.