Le Souk Marketing Tasks

Tasks that we at Le Souk complete to promote your showroom


1. Email Marketing

We start off our marketing campaign for each supplier with an email blast that goes out to all registered buyers on Le Souk. This email features your company story, select swatches, and multiple calls to action to click through to your showroom. 

2. Instagram Takeover

Concurrent with the email campaign, we schedule an Instagram takeover. This means that we post 2-3 photos of your materials and/or facility each day with the link to your showroom in our Instagram bio. 

3. Targeted Marketing

After assessing the initial results from our marketing launch, we identify the buyers that expressed interest in your materials (i.e. they viewed your showroom or materials, added your swatches to their mood board or ordered swatches.) We use that to create a targeted mailing list of buyers who we will reach out to via regular email marketing. 

4. Swatchbox Campaign

For a small additional fee, we can do a swatch box campaign. This means that we will create 20-40 swatch boxes that feature exclusively your materials and deliver them to highly-qualified buyers that have expressed interest in your materials. 

5. Business Cards

We print custom business cards for each supplier with a link to your showroom and clear instructions on how to order swatches. We recommend that suppliers give these cards to all the buyers they meet at trade shows, or to any buyers their sales reps meet outside of trade shows. 


Supplier Marketing Tasks

Tasks that we ask our suppliers to complete to promote their showroom


1. Promote your showroom on all social channels & email signature

Upon launching your showroom, we will provide you with recommended verbiage for promoting your showroom on your company LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile, personal LinkedIn pages and email signature. All of these are contained in the Le Souk Marketing Kit detailed below. 

2. Use the Le Souk marketing kit for Your Showroom/Pavilion

In the marketing kit here, you’ll find all the materials you need to promote your showroom or your pavilion. This includes the business cards (we’ll start you off with 100 cards), a badge to put on your website to link buyers directly to your showroom to request immediate swatches, recommended email signatures and more. 

3. Distribute business cards at trade shows and sales meeting

We highly recommend that you provide all the buyers you meet at trade shows with the business cards promoting your showroom on Le Souk. It’s impossible for buyers to search through all your materials at the shows, and they greatly appreciate having a digital reference to turn to after the show - particularly if it’s a tool on which they can request swatches. 

4. Use the Le Souk Connect App 

We are working with select Beta testers for our Le Souk Connect mobile app. The app is currently available only for iOS devices. Through the mobile app, designed for use at trade shows, you can facilitate immediate swatch distribution to your clients. Our warehouse & fulfillment team then fulfills the orders while you’re at the show. In this way, it minimizes follow-up for suppliers and allows your clients to get your samples with greater speed & efficiency. Inquire directly with your account manager if you’re interested in testing our mobile App.