Week In Fabric :: 30 November 2017


What's Inspiring Us From The Global Material Landscape

A Textile Resurgence in North Carolina?

American brands like Brooks Brothers, American Giant and Ace & Everett are among the brands leading a textile renaissance in North Carolina. Amidst mill closings and offshoring, meet the next generation of Made in America


A Call For A Circular Textile Economy

Think on this for a second: the fashion industry is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget. Armed with a new report commissioned by the C&A Foundation, Niki and H&M, Stella McCartney is calling for a circular textile economy. 


Washing Fleece Does More Damage to Our Ocean to Microbeads

The same report also showed that fashion, as compared to the cosmetics industry, is responsible for sixteen times more plastic fibers that end up in the ocean. Something to think about when sourcing your fleeces and synthetics.  


The Tweeds of the Moment

From Savile Row to Gucci, tweed is having its moment and we can’t get enough. Read more about the bold, colorful and playful tweeds of the season, and then get inspired by our UK & Italian wool suppliers.


The “Climate Beneficial” Wool from Carbon Positive Sheep

File this under fascinating fashion cocktail party talk of the week. Wool has become even more sustainable, namely “climate beneficial.” Learn more about the wool coming from sheep that graze in a way that effectively sequesters large amounts of carbon. 


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