Week In Fabric :: 15 December 2017


What's Inspiring Us From The Global Material Landscape

Who Selects the Pantone Color of the Year?

It’s Ultra-Violet - a reflection of what is needed in our world today, as it joins two shades diametrically opposed - red & blue. But who is Pantone and how is the color of the year selected? We appreciated this history of the company that answers the question, “What, really, is that color?”


Nest Gathers Artisan Stakeholders at the UN

Up to 60% of what we wear is produced in artisan settings, rather than factories. Artisans, policymakers & apparel companies gathered at the UN to discuss the future of the handworker economy - and how fashion can play an essential role in women’s empowerment globally.


So What Are the Alternatives to Polyester?

Reports have shown the fashion industry to be the second largest polluter, due in large part to polyester being the source of tons of microfibers that go into our oceans. So what are the available alternatives? A great round-up of what the market has to offer today, and hopefully tomorrow.


Who Owns the Copyright to Guatemalan Weavers’ Exquisite Patterns?

That is precisely the question that a group of women weavers in Guatemala want answered. And in asking Guatemala’s high court that they maintain the copyright on their age-old designs, they’re looking to ensure that corporations cannot appropriate their designs for greater profit.


Li & Fung is One Step Closer to Digitizing the Global Supply Chain

A strong indication that the supply chain stalwart is intent on its mission of digitizing the global supply chain, Li & Fung announced the sale of three key product verticals including furniture, beauty and sweaters. This gives the company, “financial flexibility as [they] continue to execute on [their] three-year plan of building an end-to-end digital supply chain.”