Sanitized®, experts in antimicrobial products, create hygiene functioning textile


Sanitized® presented a new dimension to odor-management for functional polyester textiles, with its newly developed wash-resistant Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 that has a dual-action effect: on one hand, it prevents the bacteria from docking on the textile, and on the other, it absorbs odors while the garment is being worn.

Sanitized® received the Swiss Technology Award for an innovating wash effect technology that eliminates bacteria in a normal wash cycle. Their unique anti-adhesion compound is coated on the surface of textiles in the padding process to achieve this cleaning effect, which is not found in standard polyesters. The company’s unique take on athletic clothing is important for consumers who are environmentally conscious. The product has been recognized in ‘Eco Passport’ by Otek-Tex, which acknowledges the textile’s ability to be used in a sustainable textile production.

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