Tootal Fabrics: Mega-Supplier of Shirting & Corporate Identity Fabrics



Vanessa Zdesar

Known for its shirting materials, Tootal Fabrics has become a leading supplier not only in Europe, but in over 80 countries worldwide. The company attributes its success to its phenomenal stock service, combined with its high quality products and extensive range of fabrics.

Nestled alongside the border of Germany, in the eastern Netherlands, is the small city of Enschede. Historically, early inhabitants of the city settled here in the early 19th century for agricultural purposes, spending their days farming the land. With little success and little profits to live off, farmers began weaving fabrics on the side and selling them to traveling peddlers for additional income.

By the mid-19th century, farmers and peddlers had established an enduring relationship that ensured the continued success of Enschede as a textile hub. Peddlers began to settle as manufacturers in and around the city while farmers worked from home to weave fabrics. At this time, nearly half the city’s working population was somehow employed in the textile industry.


It was the rise of the Industrial Revolution however – and with it the introduction of factories and machinery – that really enabled Enschede to thrive and blossom into the textile city it is known as today. So it is no coincidence that over a century later, in the early 1970s, Tootal Fabrics was founded here to serve as one of the largest and most versatile shirting fabric suppliers of the 21st century.

Tootal has one passion...fabrics!” says a representative from Tootal Fabrics.

This is no exaggeration – the name alone speaks volumes. When it comes to textiles, Tootal Fabrics has it all. The mega-supplier has its giant bonded warehouse in Enschede, where it consistently holds at least 10 million meters of fabric in stock at any given time. On a weekly basis, upwards of 1 million meters of fabric are being handled.


Tootal Fabrics attributes its success to its phenomenal stock service, combined with its high quality products and extensive range of fabrics. Known for it’s for shirting materials, Tootal has become the leading fabric supplier not only in Europe, but in over 80 countries worldwide. Thanks to its central location in Europe, with easy access to several large seaports and the airport in Amsterdam, the company is able to easily and efficiently distribute its materials to a global network of clients.

Just how does a company get to be so large and revered for its work? A skilled team of experienced staff keeps Tootal up and running, while features such as same day shipment, sampling facilities, no minimums on orders, and a ‘never out of stock’ standard make the distributor an irresistible choice to clients who want fast service and quality products at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers. Tootal Fabrics is simply a no-nonsense business. Whether its stripes, solids, or polka dots, one can be sure the warehouse has in excess of 2500 fabrics in stock.



Aside from its focus on providing quality fabrics at efficient speed, Tootal has a dedication to its customer service that is infectious.

“Easy ordering process and a worldwide delivery service is guaranteed, that’s part of the philosophy of Tootal”, explains Tootal's representative. “Nautical miles, air miles or just regular miles -- we don’t care. We ship worldwide”.

It’s this can-do attitude that has made Tootal a leading global supplier for shirting and corporate identity fabrics. The company’s extensive collections of fabric ranges from classic to contemporary all created in conjunction with leading Italian design studios and with the latest trends always in mind. Products include, but are not limited to, cotton and cotton blend two-folds, heavyweight twills, yarn-dyed and printed fabrics.



With product development, quality, and design as the backbone of Tootal Fabrics, the company has a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally. It serves shirt makers for fashion and corporate identity, including police, airlines, large corporations and government institutions, among others. 

Tootal Fabrics has no plans of slowing down any time soon and continues to lead the way in quality shirting fabrics made efficiently and with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.