Three Mills Specializing In Organic Loungewear Fabrics


Benjamin Fitzgerald

As fashion becomes increasingly eco-conscious, even the relaxed nature of loungewear is vying for sustainability. Offering the comfort of luxury sweatshirts, joggers and hoodies, we've uncovered three mills offering plush cottons; that won't harm the earth or your skin.


Peru Naturtex


Peru's Naturtex was the first organic cotton manufacturer of its kind to be certified as Fair Trade in the Americas. Today, the Lima-based mill continues to export organic fabrics to a global clientele, while nurturing a sustainable way of life for local farmers and weavers in the region. 

Each Naturex-sourced fiber enters a complex production sequence for converting the soft cotton into apparel, which includes loungewear. 

Naturtex manufactures ring spun, carded and combed yarns, ranging in thread counts from thick to super fine. A wide range of circular knit and flat woven fabrics are made on contract, eventually becoming comfort items such as sweaters, socks and t-shirts.

Available on Le Souk, the organic cotton tubular knit in teal green is an ideal fabric for lounge tops and bottoms - for both men and women. Meanwhile, the combed organic cotton jersey in brown and white stripe is a statement fabric for sweaters for women.





Operating out of Germany, Lebenskleidung proves that beauty and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. The Berlin-based textiles agency offers fabrics made from the best raw materials with cutting-edge sustainable practices; emphasizing comfort-focused fabrics made from a range of natural and organic fibers. 

Lebenskleidung is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified and privileges fair trade alliances, organic raw materials, and low-waste production methods.

In addition to their full line of basic organic cottons, they also offer versatile solid and printed jersey-cotton blends, organic canvas, silk, and cotton twill. But loungewear cottons are where they specialize. 


Available on Le Souk, soft and cuddly organic sweater fleece fabrics come brushed or as french terry. Ideal for hoodies, sweaters and sweatpants, the fleece is accessible in two weight qualities - heavy (320 g/m²) and medium (260 g/m²) - and in a range of colors.





Avanti began working with organic cotton in the Nineties, well before 'organic' was hip. Driven by sustainability and quality, cottons - that are supple and brush softly on the skin - are key to the Japanese mills' loungewear fabrics. Avanti believes that people want the things that touch their skin everyday to be safe and reliable. technologies that are able to produce lots of material very fast. 

All fibers are sourced from Texas; grown on land which has been kept free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides, before being spun into cloth at Avanti's production centers in Yonezawa City and Imabari City in Ehime. 'Made In Japan' is also paramount to the workings of Avanti.

Available on Le Souk, the Supima fake fur is an comfortable lining for hooded sweaters - crafted in cotton and polyester via a velour knit technique. Elsewhere, the organic cotton shinker pile is Avanti's best seller, designed for use in lounge-y trousers and tops.