Novalan Fabrics: A Century of Leading the Wool Industry


Aishwarya Mahulikar


Hailing from the beautiful country of Mexico, Novalan stands tall as the biggest wool producer in the entire American continent. It celebrates over 150 years of excellence in producing the finest wool products.


Hailing from the beautiful country of Mexico, Novalan stands tall as the biggest wool producer in the entire American continent. It celebrates over 150 years of excellence in producing the finest wool products. Novalan is recognized worldwide for its tradition and prestige in the textile markets. Started originally as producing wool fabrics from recycled materials, today the company is known for making luxurious wool fabrics infused with rich silk, nylon, cotton, as well as synthetic fibers to create magnificent wool blend textiles.


The wool manufacturer’s wide range of offerings include wool over coatings, flannels, lamb’s wool sport jackets, technical fabrics, billiard cloth, fine worsted wool fabrics, and summer wools for men and women, along with cashmere and silk. Novalan’s high quality fabrics evoke comfort and elegance 

while retaining its creativity and design sensibilities. The fact that makes this company unique is that it is vertically integrated, which means it performs all the designing and manufacturing processes in-house. Novalan specializes in using highly integrated technology to produce fabrics with avant-garde weavings. It takes utmost care to create the most splendid textiles and leaves no stone unturned in making the entire process of weaving exemplary. Novalan is one of the leading textile manufacturers that use humidifiers to ensure perfect finishing in their fabrics. Humidifiers use a technology which maintains product weight and improves quality of fabric.


Novalan proves its excellence by safeguarding the environment along with producing exquisite fabrics. It is the first wool textile industry in the country to have established a water recycling and waste treating plant more than 30 years ago. Considering how the company was first started, it is no surprise that it ensures safe environmental policies as its top priority.

The textile manufacturer sources its fibers from some of the world’s best wool manufacturing countries like Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand in order to weave the best yarns from the best fibers. Novalan's business is managed by highly skilled personnel committed to be unparalleled in producing the finest quality and standards. Its team of expert designers strives to be at the forefront of fashion trends in wool fabrics by regularly attending national and international exhibitions. 

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