Meet The Como Mills Still Making Italian Silks


Italy's Como region - with its abundant sericulture and crystal clears waters, brews a rich environment for silk. Let's meet the mills pioneering the local silks - reviving the ancient 'Silk City'.


The Como region, sat within the beauty of Italy's Lombardy, is lionized for its silk. Como's lavish environment provides the ideal sericulture to worm farming and silk production.

Since the Nineties, Como - the 'Silk City, has built a worldwide reputation with major fashion houses and apparel manufacturers tapping silk from the region that boasts the beautiful Lake Como. Despite a loss in market share to cheaper production centers in China and India, Como continues to develop exciting projects - from a passion that is reviving Como’s allure.

Marking the opening of 'The Silk Gardens of Como: Textiles, Fashion and Botany' exhibition at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti, we've found two mills producing 'Made In Como' silks for fashion.



Located in the historic silk region of Como, Proposte is an Italian mill that specializes in block silks and silk jacquards. The Nineties-founded mill blends its silks with cotton, wool and viscose for extra durabiltiy and weight. 

The Lipomo-based manufacturer is recognized in Italy for its range of colors, textures, and intricate patterns. Everything from silk blend taffetas to stretch and novelty fabrics are redefined here, providing creatives with one-of-a kind fabrics released in limited edition sets.

Designing everything in-house, Proposte employs a skilled team of designers, weavers and dyers; releasing two seasonal collections a year based on current trends in the fashion industry.

Proposte silks are available for purchase here.