Huddersfield Cloth: The Essence of Savile Row


Benita Singh

Few places in the world can match the reputation of Yorkshire when it comes to producing incredible fabric. Truly one of the global centers of the textile industry, Yorkshire is famous for being home to the finest fabric producers and bespoke tailors in the world. 


Known as the 'Essence of Savile Row' - a reference to the famous street of the same name in the heart of London's garment district - Huddersfield Cloth combines modern production techniques with a deep respect for the rich history of English textile production to create the very finest suiting fabrics available.

As the birthplace of both the celebrated actor Sir Patrick Stewart, and the English rugby league - among many other claims to fame - Huddersfield has a lot to brag about. A bustling town nestled in the green hills of Yorkshire, Huddersfield encapsulates so much of what we love about England.


Beyond its beautiful scenery and rich local culture, Huddersfield has long been a center of the wool industry. Its location at the convergence of two waterways - the Colne and Holme Rivers - made it an ideal location for the production and trade of fabric. Early residents of the area discovered that the rivers provided the perfect method for washing raw wool.

While the cottage wool industry thrived in Huddersfield for hundreds of years, it wasn't until the 19th century that it gained world-wide notoriety. During the Industrial Revolution, the local weaving community discovered how to harness water power for large scale production, and the modern wool industry was born.


Proud of their heritage, every piece of fabric produced by Huddersfield Cloth bears the distinct 'Made in England' trademark label. In order to ensure consistency and quality, all of the manufacturer's textiles are produced in-house from start to finish. Fabric designs are developed by their creative team, and are then manufactured in the heart of Yorkshire by skilled weavers and dyers.

Their fabrics always in high demand, Huddersfield Cloth maintains close relationships with some of the world's top tailors and designers - many of whom are also located right in Yorkshire. True to their tagline, the producer has cultivated an outstanding reputation among the tailors of Savile Row who design incredible bespoke suits for the London elite.


In addition to wool suiting fabrics - available in a wide range of subtle patterns and tasteful colors - Huddersfield Cloth also offers cashmere, tweeds, twills, and summer suiting textiles made from breathable fibers like linen and cotton. Huddersfield Cloth's dedication to the craft of wool production is unmatched. They seamlessly blend traditional methods with an innovative vision to produce the suiting fabrics beloved by tailors and designers the world over.