Virtual Sourcing Trip: TORAY International America, Inc. (TIAM)


History Before 1960

TORAY International America, Inc. was founded by Yunosuke Yasukawa on April, 16, 1926 under the name Toyo Rayon Co. The company began operations importing rayon yarn from Courtaulds PLC of the U.K. for sale in Japan and Mitsui. Rayon, which uses pulp as a raw material, was mankind's first chemical fiber similar to silk. Toray was a pioneer in rayon yarn spinning and the first Japanese company to domestically manufacture rayon at scale. in 1941, Toray succeeded in the synthesis and melt spinning of nylon, which was known to be stronger than steel, thinner than spider silk, and made from coal, water and air. A decade later, Toray signed a technology licensing agreement with DuPont to incorporate their patented technology for nylon fiber production. In the following years Toray produced AMILAN™ nylon resin, TETORON™ polyester fiber, and LUMIRROR™ polyester film. Today, Toray Industries operates in 26 regions, which sell fibers, textiles, performance chemicals, and carbon fiber composite materials to provide new value to customers through high-quality products and superior services. 

Signing of technical agreement with DuPont

Signing of technical agreement with DuPont

"Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products" -TIAM Corporate Philosophy 

History After 1960

In December 1965, Toray settled in New York City and formally incorporated as Toray New York Inc. A couple years later, Toray Industries (America) replaced Toray New York Inc. as they begin the expansion of marketing, sales, composites, resin, fluoro fiber, carbon fiber, and other materials.

First nylon spinning machine (Shiga Plant)

First nylon spinning machine (Shiga Plant)

In 1991, Boeing Inc. began using TORAYCA® carbon fiber prepreg as the primary structural material for its B777 aircraft. 15 years later, Toray and Boeing signed an agreement for a long-term supply of TORAYCA® carbon fiber composite materials.

Recently the company expressed commitment to environmentally friendly practices by opening a new solar-power generation farm at their facility in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. 

We invite you to visit TIAM's virtual showroom on Le Souk to source materials from their latest collections. 

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