Supplier Spotlight: iSKUR Tekstil


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iSKUR Group was founded in 1990 by A. Kadir Kurtul in the Kahramanmash Province of Turkey. The company began operations specializing in cotton trading and ginning activities. Today iSKUR is recognized as one of Turkey's top 500 industrial companies offering services within the textile, energy, automotive, plastic, agriculture, insurance, marketing, and merchandise industries. 

Their textile products include yarn, knitted fabric, woven fabric, paint, and denim. iSKUR is celebrated as a leading producer of ring spinning yarn. With integrated production facilities, iSKUR has the ability to produce a wide range of woven fabrics by using various yarn types. Additionally, the company creates ready-to-wear knitted fabrics for sportswear and offers vintage/modern denim collections. These products are completed with paints and finishings in-house, mastering fiber-to-finished-product supply chain. Painting services incorprate prints, carbon brush, sardon (stamping), and calendar processing of PVC film among other special finishing techniques. iSKUR controls seven storefronts where they sell Turkish clothing. 

iSKUR Tekstil has over 20 certifications acknowledging high-quality products and proper manufacturing methods. Even more impressive, the textile group services over 30 countries on 4 different continents. Their companies culture is built on production quality,  productivity, and social responsibility. İSKUR has always reminded the fashion industry the importance of social and cultural development in parallel with economic development. Their secondary mission is to contribute to the improvement of welfare in regional societies that they occupy. 

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