Dropel Fabrics is Creating “Life Proof” Clothes


Simardev “Sim” Gulati, CEO and Co-founder of NYC-based Dropel Fabrics, is looking to take on the $3 trillion market surrounding the garment industry with his innovative materials. 

Sim's Background

Sim graduated from the University of Oxford earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Economics.

After college Sim worked for his family-owned business, The Gulati Group, a textile manufacturing company & wholesaler, which currently serves Macy’s, Target, Under Armour, Old Navy, Gap, French Connections and other clients. The Gulati Group manufactures custom clothing and apparel of all order-sizes with 10 locations world-wide. Sim risked leaving his family's business  to change the fundamentals of the textile industry. 

One of Sim's first projects, Barley & Britches: The Everyday Chino, was featured on Kickstarter in 2013. B&B offered affordable chinos ($38) delivered directly to the customer from the manufacturer. This successful campaign enjoyed purchases from frugal consumers, but failed as a sustainable business model. Two years later, Sim combined his experience working with fashion and sports brand to create Dropel.


Dropel Fabrics

Sim’s hands-on experience with fashion and sports brands led him to the creation of his latest company, Dropel Fabrics. Dropel’s the culmination of combining the best characteristics from synthetic materials and natural fibers. DropelTech features water resistance, stain resistance, and odor control in all their product offerings. Their patented invisible-protection infuses hydrophobic polymers into natural fibers to maintain their organic feel while making them "life proof". Dropel Fabrics currently sells one article of clothing, an organic cashmere t-shirt, but plans to incorporate their technology into cashmere, cotton, wool and other natural fibers this year. Dropel Fabrics plans to expand R&D efforts with the recent addition of Kwaku Temeng from Under Armour’s Open Innovation Lab. As of now several brands have partnered with Dropel including AREA, CEAM, and Mister French to use their protective technology. It will be exciting to follow their developments this year as they explore new material integrations.  View the links below for more info.