Virtual Sourcing Trip: Nova Kaeru


Nova Kaeru is an exotic Brazilian bio-leathers tannery specialized in tanning fish, ostriches and caiman leathers. They are located about 90 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro in the beautiful mountainous region of Bemposta. Their fiscal structure is unparalleled in the exotic leather sector in Brazil, offering industrial-scale production with craftsmanship and personalized finish. 

Image taken from Nova Kaeru's showroom on Le Souk

Image taken from Nova Kaeru's showroom on Le Souk

Today Nova Kaeru is firmly run by its founder, Eduardo Filgueiras, whose hands on approach and passion for nature and social responsibility has lead the company towards the corporate strategic values of sustainability, technology, and innovation as core values, present in their day-to-day operations and in all of their products. 

"Our core corporate values (DNA) are sustainability, technology and innovation as inspiration for a better life and better products. These values are present in all our industial procedures and products." - Nova Kaeru, awarded "Best of 2012 Awards APLF" under exotic leather category

Nova Kaeru uses innovative technologies (Kaeru® Process) which allows for the production of large seamless panels from ostrich legs to fish leathers. Nova Kaeru uses "Soft Touch" tanning to soften the caiman's osteoderms in order to transform stiff leather into very soft and malleable caiman leathers.

Check out NK's showroom to sample, source, and learn about their materials.