Huston Textile's Rare Salvaged Fabric

Ryan Houston, Founder of Huston Textiles, Courtesy @HustonTextiles

Ryan Houston, Founder of Huston Textiles, Courtesy @HustonTextiles

With the recent shutdown of major US fabric manufacturers, like Cone Denim White Oak Plant, fabric suppliers are searching for new local manufacturers. One option is Sacramento-based Huston Textiles who combines modern technology with vintage looms to produce selvaged materials. Ryan Huston's niche expertise in electrical engineering and computer science allows him to create revolutionary fabrics that were popularized in the mid 1900s. 

Ryan Huston has reinvented selvaged materials by linking old equipment (vintage looms) to modern technology. Ryan discovered a unique way to sync his laptop to old looms that can be programmed to thread materials customarily. He is the only well-known producer in the US to handle this type of manufacturing. While Ryan is willing to help companies revolutionize their old looms, he is unwilling to give away his trade secrets that allow him to produce chambray, army duck, denim, canvas, and pincheck with a selvaged finish. 

Ryan first learned about fabric from his mother's reupholstery car business. He spent hours fixing damaged car interiors and learning about supply chain. He was inspired to start creating his own materials when he couldn't find an affordable baby carrier made in the United States. Ryan has invested his entire life into Huston Textile hoping to fill the void left by Cone Mills. 

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